Conference Papers

Below is a list of conference papers and presentations given by Mary Farrell during the course of the past two years.  To contact Mary about any of the presentations below or her research please email:

November 2015. Sibéal Annual Conference, Paper Title: The Invisible Lines Connecting Two Food Writers Separated by Three Centuries.

March 2016, Oxford University, United Kingdom, Women and Leadership, Paper Title: An Overview of the Key Challenges for Women’s Progress to Leaderships Roles in the Hospitality Industry.

June 2016. Dublin Gastronomy Symposium, Paper Title: Is it Possible to Uncover Evidence of a Gender Revolution within Food Studies and Professional Culinary Literature?

July 2016, Athrú Conference ‘Empowering Women in the Culinary Arts, Paper Title: Identifying the challenges facing women chefs as revealed through the Literature.

October 2016, Berkeley University California, USA, 6th International Food Conference, Paper Title: Civilization Interrupted- Gender Bias in Hierarchical Professional Kitchens, the Embodiment of Hegemonic Masculinity among Elite Professional Chefs.

November 2016, Sibéal Annual Conference Revolutionary Genders, Paper Title: From Theory to Action, a Framework for Change for Women Chefs in Irish Professional Kitchens

January 2017. Dublin Institute of Technology College of Arts and Tourism Annual Research Showcase. Presentation: Gender Equality in the Chef Profession in Ireland, Survey Analysis.

February 2017. Dublin Institute of Technology 7th Annual Postgraduate Research Symposium. Presentation: Overview of Research to date: “A critical Investigation into the Gender Disparity of Head Chef Positions/Leadership Roles in the Irish Restaurant Industry”.

June 2017. BSA Food Study Group Conference – Special Event. Presentation: Women Chefs and Domestic Cooks: how can we understand their relationship to the culinary in two distinct spheres, the public and private through analysis of an All Ireland National Chef Survey?

June 2017. Women On Ireland Research Network (WOIRM) – Women and Irishness Conference.  Paper Title: Irish Women Chefs and Domestic Cooks: How can we Understand their Relationship to the Culinary in two Distinct Spheres, the Public and Private? 

July 2018. BSA Work, Employment and Society Conference 2018. Paper Title: Gender Equality in the Chef Profession in Ireland – New Data Reveals the Extent of the Problem